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The best way to learn how to use a CAM system is in the context of tutorials which take the user through the processes of making parts.

Cognus provides this kind of tutorial-based training. Showing how to execute functions alone does not have the same qualities as showing how the functions work in context with everything else going on when making part programs.

Our Current Course

The official, certified, and best online training program for GibbsCAM, presented in amazing 1080p for the best clarity and quality.

  • Includes 2 Parts:
  • Part A: Milling & Turning
  • Part B: 2.5D Solids, Polar & Cylindrical Milling
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GibbsCAM Course Details

We offer introductory and mid-level training comprised of 10 hours of high quality videos (in rich 1080p resolution) which are 5 minutes each.

A variety of sample videos can be found on our official YouTube channel. Subscribe to keep up to date with Cognus!

Part A – Milling & Turning
  • Interface And Navigation View Controls
  • Drawings And Dimensioning Set-up Preferences
  • Documentation
  • Tool Creation
  • Cut Part Rendering
  • Toolpath Generation for Milling and Turning
  • Graphics Options
  • Hole Operations
  • Contouring
  • Pocketing
  • Threading
  • Thread Milling
  • Grooving
  • Post Processing
  • Stored Processes - Multi Process Machining Positional
  • 4th Axis Indexing
Part B – 2.5D Solids
  • Advanced CS – Coordinate systems creation and control
  • Positional 4th and 5th axis control
  • Boundary machining techniques and
  • containment selections
  • 4th axis simultaneous machining using"Polar and Cylindrical Milling"
  • Solid Modeling
  • Fixture and Clamping Assemblies
  • Opening solids from CAD sources
  • Feature based machining
  • Machining solid models using roughing and
  • finishing techniques
  • Dynamic feature recognition “The Profiler Tool”
  • Automatic feature recognition "The Hole Manager"

"As a customer […] for well over 10 years Chuck and his people have always been there to help us with support and training. We have had Stephen in our shop on multiple occasions giving my people advanced training in Gibbscam with great results. Programming questions and post problems were always handled in a time sensitive and effective manner."

David Kool
Owner, Precimax Mfg. Ltd.

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The Cognus Experience
  • Learn online, anytime, at your own pace
  • Track your progress
  • Assignments & tests
The Cognus Difference
  • Official partner of GibbsCAM
  • 12 years of course curriculum refinement
  • 50 years of combined instructor experience in CAD/CAM training

Cognus Advantage: Individualized Comfort and Productivity.

Cognus training is a clean, straightforward way to learn. Courses are comprised of over 10 hours of content, broken down into easily watchable 5-minute clips. All video is HD, in crisp 1080p, with clear audio. Most people can afford to spend 5-minutes at a time with little inconvenience. The advanced training platform manages all of the videos and quizzes for each person individually.

We track each video or partial video viewed up to the second. Cognus students are free to try different streams of training without worry about losing their place in other streams. Quizzes are also personalized in the same manner.

Advanced tracking methods for both videos and quizzes, combined with our user-friendly and personable layout are very good reasons to take advantage of our multiple–seat user pricing when ordering the training. Pricing for a second person (and up) has been reduced by 50%. To avoid confusion, purchasing one training seat per student is ideal.

Highly efficient, individualized tracking of progress. A much more efficient method for learning than sifting through random tutorials and material across a variety of pages online. Cognus uses the most advanced training platform. Your course is very organized, comfortable, and efficiently managed.

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Meet Your Instructors

Chuck VanVolkingburgh & Stephen Cunningham

We have both been programming and working with CNC machinery for more than 25 years each. As reseller employees, we’ve developed curriculum and trained thousands of GibbsCAM users from hundreds of large and small machine shops over the past eighteen years.

Companies like Rolls Royce, Precision Drilling, National Oilwell Varco, Weatherford, Redline-Pro, Drilformance, Promac and hundreds more have taken our classroom and on-site training.

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